Beth relayed last week that she “feels like a different person” which is just great. Her main objective was to feel more confident. She has not had any proper training before and is still buzzing. She felt the course itself could even be one day longer for even more practice time. She is looking forward to her next session. – Presentation Skills

Anon, Eduserv

Anne and Bespoke have always been very good but I think this is one of the best courses I have been on with the company, turning fear into fuel to speak confidently in front of others is something I have sometimes struggled with. Good group of people on the course, content was great and gave us the ability to be able to plan what needs to be said and when. It also shows up some of the talent we currently have in the business. – Presentation Skills

Anon, Eduserv

I have been privileged over the years to refer you a number of times to various clients. Most recently I have referred you to my client Eduserv in Bath. They are an IT company so quite techy by nature and management have had many reservations as to whether this ‘fluffy, behavioural stuff’ really does anything. However, I have persevered for a year to convince them and you have recently delivered Performance Review Training, Management Development, Assertiveness, Time Management and 1:2:1 coaching. They are transformed! Anne, you have certainly made an impression and have clearly made it to the top of their preferred supplier list so thank you for making me look good for referring you as well!

Lorraine Stevens, Hr4business

Just a quick note to let you know I have found Chris to be a different person in the last few days. He is taking the time to explain to me what he wants, he is listening and he is generally in a positive mood. He has told me he wishes to take the time to help and develop Sarah (sales rep) and in fact she has said he has telephoned her whilst she is out of the office to check she is ok and whether she needs any help. He has confirmed the ‘visual management’ is excellent despite his previous reservations. – Management Development/Coaching

Carole Mizon, Campack Ltd

Just a quick note to say many thanks for Anne’s excellent leading of the team workshop. I think it really helped us as a team but also gave each individual some food for thought, so I think it was worthwhile. Anne is extremely professional and it was a pleasure to work with her over the past few days. We may make this an annual event because the location was lovely and exactly what I’d hoped for too. – Team Event

Anon, Ministry of Defence

I enjoyed identifying my weak points in communication and exploring the ‘Johari Window’ I found Tuckman’s formation stages and Belbins Team Roles very interesting and had fun applying those to my team’ There isn’t a negative thought that comes to mind regarding my training with Anne, the workshop was informative and fun and Anne has filled me with great confidence in going into my management role. – Management Development

Sarah Mizon, Campack

Just a short note to convey my sincere thanks to you for a very interesting and beneficial training event. Personally, I was particularly impressed with the level of customer care and professionalism shown to us. I do hope that we will be able to work together again! – Concise Minute Taking

Anon, Ministry of Defence

I am writing to thank you for the presentation skills training you provided to me prior to the recent joint seminar. I have always found public speaking to be traumatic and not in the least bit enjoyable. I didn’t think anybody would be able to change this for me but your patience, honesty, and encouragement, together with the technical and practical elements of the training enabled me to give a presentation that I was happy with and possibly even a little bit proud of when I never believed that this would be possible. I would recommend your services to anybody who either thinks that they can’t present or can but would like to do it better. – Presentation Skills

Michael Lloyd, Haines Watts Chartered Accountants

I was very impressed with your collection of information about our requirements beforehand and on the day it was clear that you fully understood what we required. In fact you seemed to understand the issues so well it was almost as if you worked here! You were very perceptive and your delivery was gentle but firm. I would certainly enthusiastically recommend you to anyone looking for tailored training. – Communication Skills

Sonyia Woolnough, Bevirs Solicitors

I would like to thank you for the excellent course “Time and Work Management”. The course was really interesting, very focused, and all of the information was given in a fun and safe environment, so I felt comfortable asking questions. I would be happy to recommend the course to any business. – Time and Work Management

Lis McDermott, Lis McDermott Photography