How do I handle an under-performer?

Hello, and welcome to our second newsletter of 2018. Here at Bespoke, we’ve had a really busy May and we’re looking forward to an amazing June before everyone turns their attention to the summer holidays!
One of the questions I am asked on an almost weekly basis by the management teams I work with is “How do I handle an under – performer”? Here, I will share with you some guidelines on how to deal with the issue. Continue reading “How do I handle an under-performer?”

Making wellness part of your promotion plan

It’s a competitive world; the workplace. Recruiting and retaining key staff who are able to deliver on demanding corporate targets is becoming tougher and tougher. With changes in how individuals want to work, with millennials turning the conventional workplace on it’s head and a universally accepted skill shortage, how does a business succession plan?

Certainly, it’s becoming clearer, that the answer isn’t simply to have your workforce work harder. In fact, the growth of the ‘work life balance’ movement is really taking hold now and many companies are not necessarily looking for people to work longer hours. What businesses are really after is a workforce that is engaged, creative and energetic. A workforce that brings their ‘A Game’ to work every day. Continue reading “Making wellness part of your promotion plan”

And the winner is…

I am thrilled and delighted to announce that on Friday 20th April we were able to share the names of our winners and runners up in the prestigious Wiltshire Business Awards.

For the first time in 2018 Anne Messer of Bespoke Training Services partnered with Lorraine Stevens of HR4Business to sponsor a brand-new category of Learning & Development Employer of the year. The awards, now in their 24th year, are held annually and capture the essence of everything that is successful about businesses in Wiltshire. Continue reading “And the winner is…”

He shoots…He scores…What a goal!!!

Actually, success in sport has many similarities to success in business. However, we’re not talking about goals in sport today. We are looking at the power of goal setting and the enormous impact it can have over your entire life.

There have been many books written on goal planning, and many studies conducted on the power of goal setting, although some doubt has now been cast over the authenticity of two of the worlds most well renowned goal setting studies. What is not in doubt however, is the true value of setting goals, creating a plan for their achievement and working that plan through to success.

Continue reading “He shoots…He scores…What a goal!!!”